26 September 2010

three in one

Day : same day
Date : same date
Time : different time

Title 1

In relationship with @#$ :p
Shame on you? No! Im a shame!! How dare me waste my time to play this part of puppy love. Hey bitch, final struggle was around the corner. I just told him that I will not be around on school day. Pitty you? Okay, okay. Let me give you a discount. It was two days a week with you. Is that better? haha :p
So, are you serious? But surely Im not coz I think I know he is a player 'I think'.

Tittle 2

Its maybe sound stupid that I came to PizzaHat Restaurant just to eat. Not other shit! 
Just feel thankful for being invite. We are enjoying our food while annoying together. Everyone was joking with annoyed except me. I dont know whats wrong with me. Always something wrong I guess.

Tittle 3

A bored text with my secret admire. He ask me a stupid question that I already answered last time. Actualy I never tough I had a secret admire. I'm not a good looking person so.. By the way, he a player I guess.

At last, we were fighting in just short period time =.= and he telling me about his feeling *with nice drama word. Hahaha. This is fake. Probably he doesn't meant that. Forsure he will not wait me until the end.

25 September 2010

a guitar from charfting music

What its like to being exposed?
On the road back from tusyen class, he ask me about a guitar that I always wish to own long time ago. He told me that he already search the guitar around the town. It seriously shoke me than. I never thought that he willing so hard to full fill my old wish. Then, he suddenly take me to one place. It was my art class. Mean that 'Crafting Music'. Ohhh dear. He buy for me a guitar with some accessories. Thank you very much dear. I knew I could trust you back!!

By now, I cant easily spent my time to goreng this guitar yet because the final test was around the corner. I am busy awayyy spending my time in my bedroom with study HARD until my high stress level. Homework, exam, tusyen almost kill me.

I am sick. Its too late for me to regrade than.

(p/s : This prove me a lesson that my way of study is wrong.)

24 September 2010


1st syawal - Keep smile even this is fake. We are keep chilling each other. There nothing spacial happen. Not much of us here. Only Ayah Long, Umi Cha, Uncle Net not here. Nua said "Wah nana macam artis lah?". BHAhaha. artis pe benda. merepek betol. material ape pon ta pakai. make up pon tak. just bedak ok.

2nd syawal - i forget what happen. maybe just stay home because a lot of people come visit.

3rd syawal - is kenduri arwah. bla bla bla. aku lupa. pegi waterfall kot. bersama Uncle Pacai, Aisya Almas, Nua, Awong, Akim, Uncle Adi n fren, Uncle Maman dan lain2.

4rd syawal - raya uma saudara mara yg aku tak kenal sekitar Johor. buat2 kenal cukop la. dua rumah terakhir seronok betol la sebab aku dapat duit raye. Awong je tak. hahaha. bodo, tu pon nak seronok. then pegi uma Ayah Ngah pastu ajak makan kt lua pulak. Mak Ngah puasa. lepas makan nak pegi uma mak maman. tataw kat ne. b
alik. bila balik kita sampai dulu. uma tak berkunci. lampu pulak black out. pastu black out dah ok. aku tuka baju dulu. dia orang yang lain baru sampai. umi, ayah kua balik. Awong teman Akim pegi 7e. then aku dudok2 dekat luar dengan Awong, Akim, Bibik. Bla bla bla. masok. kuar balik. masok bilik nua tengok youtube gamba raya Nabiha masok en. then nak pegi McD nak GBC pulak. just aku, Awong, Nua, Akim naik keta Akim. kt Mcd GBC da tade pulak. aku order Mc Chicken je sama mcm Awong. Nua bubo. Akim bege ape ntah. dah habis makan. naik keta. bla bla bla. dah pukol bape ntah bukak radio hantu. denga sambil lalu tempat gelap. bla bla bla. until late night.

5th syawal - nak bertolak pukol 10 tak jadi sebab ada orang datang. pegi kubo. balik. solat. pukol 3 time for say goodbye lepas dah makan. masih dalam Johor pusing2 cari kedai makan nasi beriani pulak. dalam pukol 7 lebih baru jumpa. then otw back home. dalam pukol 5 camtu baru sampai.

6th syawal - not attend school

7th syawal - skola cuti. raya uma Pak Long. tengok baby baru Kak N. then raya uma Makngah Puzi. duit raye untuk harini dpt RM10.

8th syawal - bangun pukol 3 mcm tuh. siap kan sejarah jap. kemas buku. umi tnya "nana nak pegi skola tak?". aku cakap "yela. kalo tanak pegi bole ke?". umi cakap bole. so, aku tak pegi lah. Awong buat lagzania. Kamila msj soh dtg pukol 3. sampai sana dlm pukol 3 lebih. uma dia dkt dengan masjid kampong boyan. dia soh tunggu dekat masjid then dia amek aku. pastu dia datang. naik moto dengan dia. da sampai. aku tengok ad 6 orang je pompan yang datang termasok aku. then dudok dekat atas lantai tepi meja makan mkn KFC ayam, mihun, frice, air FnN oren. then basoh tangan. then duduk tepi kat kerusi mkn tepi tuh. then dudok depan tv. then nak balik Awong amek dalam pukol 5 cam tuh kat masjid tempat tadi. Kamila tolong anta en kat masji macam tadi with 2 org follow teman.

10 syawal - they are fighting. and i heard the word 'talak'. hmm. bercerai? hmm.. =.=

13 syawal - majlis khatam al-quran. aku bace surah al-maun pakai microphone with no fear. seronok betol^^ macam tak pecaye kan. dan malam tuh. aku ada peminat? bhahahaha

15 syawal - surprise when yana and syarra come to my classroom just to meet me. why? syarra just want to invite me to her open house this night. the tema will be red, pink or white. then i reach her house sharp on 8pm. we are talking. bla bla bla. they still call me totis and treat me like the past. anyway thanks for invite.

19 September 2010


Ada 2 org budak berbual

Man : aku sedih ar ari nih ..

ANUman: pesal lak ko sedih??

Man : aq dapat E,E,E,E,E,D,E der...

ANUman:tuh la...aq dah kate....laen kali belajar....

Man :erm..erm..yerla... ANU,, ko x yah belajar pown x pe..ko dah ade kerja....kerja mengANU

ANUman:ekekekekek, btw .. kalo ko nak berjaya ko kena F.U.C.K

Man : apesal FUCK plak??

ANUman: sbb kalo kite F.U.C.K kite pasti berjaya..kalo ko taknak F.U.C.K sesorang..ko ajak awek ko skali F.U.C.K

Man :eh... ( senyum dalam hati sambil pikir benda negative ) , so kalo aq FUCK awek aq boleh Berjaya la nih??

ANUman: a'ah....

Man : O.o...gitu , ko mesti slalu mengeFUCK kan..hehehe

ANUman:(tergelak) btw. ko F.U.C.K jgn HARD sangat...nanti rosak kpale ko

Man : asal kpale lak yg rosak...

ANUman:yerla..kalo ko FOCUS UNTUK CAPAI KEJAYAAN , HARD sangat..mestila bengong kpale ko....

Man: !@$@#@$@$@#$@#$@

03 September 2010

panic at the tesco

Out for open fasting with Gemoks Family. We're open fast at tesco food court. The ice lemon tea come first. Im order some food like some of them order. While that, they are having some chocolate cake for Gemoks Family and also for Sheshe, Hawe 16th brithday. While that too, I bring along my handmade self kuih raya. Then, we went TS. Some of them are buying some cloth and tudung or something else for their raya preparation. After a while, Fatin ask me cobber her down stair to get Tasya coz she was just arrive.

Its time for Rita leaving, we already in Tesco building. Rita was in trouble coz she afraid to be scold by her mother. She was late for her mother fetch her back. We just having a handshake with smile to calm her mother madness down. And we also ask her if she want some piece of cake.

We are losing our direction coz some of them had separate away. Im with Tasha, Ummi and Hawa have a sit at KFC to wait some of them. Then, bla bla bla. When a stalker past by, Hawa and Ummi go to Mano and Sheshe at McD. Im and Tasha are waiting Fatin at KFC. Then, a starker past by again. Me and Tasha go to them at McD. We have a sit for a while and bla bla bla. 

Its actually the time for my d** to fetch me back. Fatin still at the Tesco buying some kitchen stuff for her mother. But only for a while, I cobber Tasha to get Fatin at Tesco. Just cant just leave her walking alone at night add by she has no phone!!

I rush away to get my d**. Damn, I was been scolded. I just 10 minutes late but he scold me like hell. I just ask forgiveness and just be quit. His shout voice almost break my eardrum. Then, suddenly he lift up about tusyen. I dont know what the point he scold me. Its okay. To be scold by him was already be my habitual. Maybe he to stress at work. Its okay, I dont care. It no longer bother my emotion until I forget how to cry. Seriously, I cant cry either.

My m** not at home for two day. I just texting her my fake feel. Actually Im not. Just to make her ask 'why' to him. And I just want to know 'why'.
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