02 May 2014

Having annual dinner (1st year)

I reached Hotel Summit by Usm bus. A lot of us going there by their own transport and some of them are going earlier because they becoming AJK for the dinner. If not because of Nurun Najah who asked me to join this annual dinner, I wouldn't join actually. I set my intention to be in this annual dinner just to eat. So, I appear myself simple with blue baju kurung. I didn't take a photo even one. This are some photo I uploaded it from Adan's facebook. Adan is the third year student, my senior. He will go to everyone table and take a selfie of himself. In the ending part, the male people start to act wildly. They will explode all the balloons in the ball room by using a skewers that was provided on the table. Pretty annoying rite?

When its time to go back to Usm, 3 bus was ready in front of the Hotel Summit. Me, Aqilah and Diyana take one bus. Aqila and Diyana was sitting together while Im sitting alone. I made one embarrassing moment after that. I hope nobody remember it because I think most people didn't recognize who am I since I appear differently tonight. Hehe :)

Lets just forget my annoying part and move on to 4 weeks to go to final exam.
Wish me good luck :) 

The End.
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