23 July 2010

Heck of the month

No friend no boyfriend and nobody in my life. Nobody want to hang out with me. and I'm alone in home right now. I hate all the human around me. All of them are the same. How could they do this to me. They treat me like a dog. I'm not that fool your damn ass. One day I will beat your bum. I hate you. I hate them. Is this what I got after six month hold on in this hell?

Once again I'm down with situation that I face. There a teacher who always making funny by affront me. She just to much look down upon me. No one defend me. I'm so disappointed with all the human in this class. What the fish! They also add by what teacher making funny. My heart already burn inside. I put my head down to calm down. Run to wash room, lock the door and sit there until the school over. At home, I scream hardly in car. Take the white pill and I'll feel alright.

On the next day, only Sharon and Loi asking about yesterday. Thank for caring and give me attention. Once again, the same teacher give me a hint that she hate me. I don't know what her problem. Did she out of her mind?
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