29 March 2014

Earth Hour

So, we are going to performing a cup song dance during the earth hour event. I have some issue going on actually. I just act as usual because I dont want mixed up it with what I was actually doing right now. Some people nice to and some people don't. Seriously, it doesn't matter for me. Im fine. hehe :)

My face, behind the mask.

Yet again, she was doing dislike face to me when we were about to start. When the show was over, I quickly rush myself back to my room. I just can't stand it anymore. Im so touched. I wish I could pray and read Yasin to clam me down but poorly, Im on period. I just turn on the yasin audio music. Im not good in having fun and social life thing. Forgive my weakness appearance. Thanks for accepting me anyway. What an earth are you doing Wana? Ermm.. dancing. I do feel guilty. T_T
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