25 August 2014


Dear Wana, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you will success in your life. 
Sincerely, Wana :)

14 August 2014

Eid Mubarak 2014

My raya celebration was just nice and simple. Many of our family member was not here. This might be the 1st blogpost that I was able to sum up everything because nothing much was happen.

1st Syawal - I wore blue stripe baju kurung with black wide shawl. We just stayed home and celebrate our Hari Raya at home.

2nd Syawal - I wore black loose dress. All of our relative was coming to Tok's house and eat.

3rd Syawal - I wore black dress. My sister fiancee family was coming. Umi Shida was coming. Going to JB and Raya at Ayah Ngah's house.

4rd Syawal - I wore blue jeans jubah. At night, went Raya at Umi Mah's house.

5th Syawal - Nothing much happen.

6th Syawal - My family was going home and left me and Kakyong behind with Tok.

7th Syawal - Fasting. Aunty Juita and Uncle Pacai came. Aunty Aida & family left and Uncle Adi & family left. Their ate chicken rice for lunch. In the everning, me, Kakyong, Tok and Aunty Juita went to Plaza Kota to search for green telekung lykra for Aunty Juita. While that Aunty Juita was actually touch my chin, b%%%% and my hand. Wahh.... my celebrity aunty was actually TOUCH me, you know. Hehe. Then we went to shop around Kota and finally found that telekung. After that, they went drinking coconut water at the stall nearby. After that, we return home. Tok solat and they went out again to return Aunty Juita stuff while me and Kakyong just stayed home. Then, I breaking my fast with chicken rice. After magrib, we went out for their dinner at stall nearby mosque. We ate kerang and etc. After that we went Pasar Karat.

8th Syawal -  Im not fasting today. In the morning at 10 AM we went ECONSAVE. Tok was buying ketam and etc. Drop Aunty Juita at Plaza Kota. Sending Tok back to house to prepare for lunch and went back to Plaza Kota to pick up Aunty Juita. Then we went KIPMART. Then we headed back to Tok's house for lunch. Uncle Pacai and Aunty Juita left Tok's house in the evening after chit chating with Umi Mah. At night, we went to marhaban at 3 house nearby.

9th Syawal - Fasting. Out with Tok and Kakyong to buy gold. Breaking fast with burger. At night, went to marhaban.

10th Syawal - Fasting. At night, we went to marhaban.

11th Syawal - In the morning, follow Tok, Kakyong and Mak Jah to Pasar. Suddenly, I fainted and we went back to Tok's house. At night, we went to marhaban.

12th Syawal - At night, marhaban at Tok's house.

13th Syawal - Went JB with Tok and Kakyong for wedding invitation. After we return home, Ayah Long, Ibu, Nazrin and Hana was at Tok's house. At night, we having dinner at Periuk Besar. Tok was sick.

14th Syawal - Ayah Long and etc left Tok's house in the evening. Tok was sick.

15th Syawal - At evening, went to Pasar nearby. At night, went to last marhaban.

16th Syawal - In the morning, having breakfast at the stall. Tok was prepared us a sandwich. Umi Mah cried when knowing me and Kakyong will left Tok's house today.

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