26 April 2014

Another babies.

This is the second time Mummy born the bunnies from his son as her partner named Gemok.
Can you see how adorable they are? Subahanallah :) There was 7 of them.

Before this, Mummy had born too many babies with her male partner. I'm not sure how many male partner she has as I remember, her first partner named Ayah was dead after he had been attacked by cat. His body was buried in front of my house after my mum found his body. Some of the past babies was eaten by the cat and some was dead. 

Now, its the new born babies.
I like it the way they move in this video.

Meanwhile, a day before I left to USM Engineering Campus, I saw one of the 7 babies sick. On the next day in the morning, my mum asked me to check for the sick babies in the cage to see whether the sick babies was still alive or not. Its is sad to know that the sick babies was already dead. Its was my first time holding the dead babies on my hand. And, I buried the white babies dead body in front of my house before I reached back to USM Engineering Campus.

24 April 2014

Im walking

Just joining this alone.
Sitting with Nurin in the bus.
We were talking about things to be done and our past memory.
Reach destination.
Walking alone.
Joining my course mate.
Walking with Juita and Dayah.
Im talking about things to be done again.
Some people didn't really like it.
This event make a lot of error planner.
And I been walking alone again.
And just pretending I was having the fun.

At night on the next day, they will having a concert.
I don't want to come.
And they never want to give my money back event they changed that the fees was free.
They are so mean. I cant accept it. 
My RM25 was burn.
Yeah burn!!!

So, why I don't just join people to the concert?
Because, I hate the feel to be around social people.
I just want to stay and study.
And my friends.....
They always set me backward.

I'll be gone.

*sorry for the broken or grammar mistake if it exist.

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