31 January 2011

Mark me a hole

Fear not , I'm not dead yet. I'm still here baby. Let me explain , the past few weeks without no updates is solely because I've entirely unforgivably busy. Only god knows how busy am I. Why ?
I'm sure it's been a while since the I last updated this forsaken thing .
Actually I've been overly and entirely busy that I forgot about this blog. Thanks to the fucking homeworks on hold from the douchebag's at the smk. They event dont give a crap to know how you'd feel. Here I show you my homework list :

It just a plain wtf rite ?

And it is the Chinese new year , the month of prosperity they say. The time where you should be relaxing and begging your chinese friend for a cheap bastard ang pau's by enjoying those rare sweet oranges while watching some 1970's porno. If you did that. LOL

Too add it up , gayvalentine is here too and where the fuck is my chocolate. HEY, I WANT MY CHOC , CHOC !

15 January 2011

just feel hell like home

Still stuck in the hell. But this time the hell seen so different. The hell was make me smile. The hell make my day a day. The hell make me feel the bites of happiness like there's no tomorrow. Thank you for everything. But yet it become so different feel when I am invisible. Like I have nothing to do. Ofcoz I hate that feeling. Its okay. I DONT CARE MUCH !!
Being a student is fun and enjoying. But everybody know the agonizing part of it. The up and down as they say. We all have different styles on how to handle every problem we have. My way to handle my problems is not think about it over and over again so it no longer bothers me. But there’s one problem that I can’t easily get rid off it and it seen come to an end. It is Sick.

It start from the trauma moment. It already became a habit. I always woke up on school days with the end to school with stress feel. Maybe Im too long keep myself in the dark until Im afraid of the light. Even, when on some meetings of friends or an event I always be the kind of bad respond person. It just like "kehadiran aku bagaikan tiang gol yang barnyawa"
Its okay. I dont care it either. I am here. I am alone. And dont need anyone help. I sure I can do it all by myself. What I need is just to get enough sleep.

I’ve got used to prepare myself to mind set it back. Since these day, I try to change my attitude even it seems to hard for me. I’ll start to change this practice little by little until it fades away completely. Hey, Im still on the period of changing. I hope it works to change a part of me. For sure I have much time left to change it :D
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