04 December 2014


The day that I had to board a plane to go to Atok's house. Hanafi and Kakyong weeping their friend in engineering campus to help to send me to the airport. Their friend is a guy named Saidina, Master in Materials Engineering student. He lives in the same place as me in Desasiswa Utama. He brings along his roommate along with him named Shahrul, 4th year Degree in Electronic Engineering student.

The guy asking me lots of questions in the car. And I was suddenly continuously answering all his questions and telling about myself to them. In my whole life, I never had been talking to any guy this long and telling about myself. I don't know why I'm telling all about myself to them. They assume I am excellent student. No, I wasn't. I'm just a nerd. Saidina just keep comparing me with Shahrul.

Well, let's just think all of these conversations just to full fill time while on the way to the airport. Anyway, let's just forget about it. HAHA. They are nice guys, but unfortunately if not because of Hanafi, they wouldn't help me. Since they both are Kem Pimpin Siswa facilitator, I guess all of these conversations as one of their parts of social trained. So, no heart feeling.

Last but not least, when it's time to scan my stuff, I'm acting scared. HAHA. I'm just don't know where to go and a little bit of nerves. HAHA. It was damn awkward. I wanted to give him RM60 because Kakyong told me to do that, but he doesn't want that money!!!!

*Sorry for any grammar mistake.
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