16 February 2015

Bump into an old friend

Best friend reunion. This is my best friend. Say HI.

During this semester break, I bump into an old friend. Neither offline nor online. After a week of semester break, I posted a picture in my Convent WhatsApp group. I haven't posted anything since I'm disappearing myself in study week in USM. So, it turns out, my friend in the group planned to meet up at Aeon Taiping. Amalina, Fatin and me surrogate Izati's car to go to Aeon Taiping. Amira Famida came afterward, when we are having our lunch at the food court and about to finish it. Izati send me back to home around 5 o'clock.

At night, its been a long time since the last time I haven't logged into my Facebook account. So tonight I log in and I noticed that there was a new message in my Facebook. It was from my strange old friend. He asks my phone number and he text me that night. He told me about his problem. This was not the first time my friend search for me to cry out about their problem. It's okay, I don't mind. I'll be a good listener for everyone. Hehe.

He tells me about his sad story. How his life turns out. He keeps crying and stressed. He lives far away from my place. There's nothing else I can do to help him to overcome his problem, but just send him an advice text message. So, yeah, that's what a good friend suppose to do, right? I'm worried if he did something stupid like taking drugs, suicide, getting drunk and etc. Probably hope he won't do that.

Meanwhile, he reconnects me with my long lost old best friend in Convent, Liyana. Big thanks to him. Yeay!! May Allah bless you. He also sings me a song with his guitar, talk about his life, ask about my life, compliment me. I believe, all he did with me just to release his stress. We are nothing but just a friend. He is not my type of man anyway. So, no heart feeling to any 'pick up line' word he tries to say to me because I don't trust a man's word. I trust man action. Maybe he tries to test his power on me or something. HAHA. I don't really like talking about man. It's a waste of time. I will never allow any man entering my brain other than my family member. My heart was totally closed for strange men (but not with my family) until I get my first degree or master or PhD or old or die or what so ever.


15 February 2015

Lost but still searching

When finish eating at Deena Restaurant, while waiting Ayah to pay the bill.

Umi : Nana suka apa?
Me : Kuey teow kung fu. (hehe. I thought my mum asking me about food)
Umi : Tak la. Nana suka apa? Music? Guitar?
Me ; Tak la. Tak.
Umi : Habis main saje-saje eh. Tak suka? Habis ambil kelas guitar dekat U tu. Tak suka eh.
Me : Ha'a. Main je. Sebab bukan nak jadi artis pon.

My mum was not the only one who me ask this question. Some of them do ask me to perform a show. Yeah, I do have a passion for guitar actually. Last time, after I am finished SPM and Matriculation College, I do put an effort to learn music instrument. I self taught myself to play song by song and recorded it on video. But things change when one day I realize that music can't bring me no where. I mean, nether world, nor hereafter. So, it turns out, I'm switching my passion to Quran. Since that, I have begun to read and listen to Quran audio instead of entertaining music. Alhamdulillah, my time well spend. Day by day, I felt so calm, happy and cheerful.

Photo of WhatsApp message when Im disappearing during study and exam week.
The truth is, 
I'm really don't know who I am. 
I'm still lost out of no where. 
But yet, I still searching myself. 
I was busy looking forward until I forget my past. 
I forget who am I.
Who am I?

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