21 November 2013


I'm feel a bit lost when they start talking and discussing about our robot in Chinese language because I don't understand what are they talking about. 
I keep my smile on and be strong to stay.

I had to learn Chinese language soon. Luckily, my team mate always be there to translate back to me about what they be discussing before.

Meet my team mates. They are very nice people.

Even there was something lack in me, they still nice and accept me in the group. 
*I know I'm a fool now. Need to fix it. HAHA.

And thank for teach me too. I learn some lesson and more value about it. I really need to fix my self.

Our group gained full 300 points. 


Lastly, we took a big photo.

21 October 2013


Im at my BEST :) I feel like I want to cry if my PCB didn't work. HEHE. Thanks to the facilitator who willing to help me. Thanks for helping me correcting my design. Thanks for sharing me some detail about the eagle software. Thanks for correcting my short circuit. Thanks for show me how to handle all the work. Thanks for your patient to guide me and nice to meet you :)

TWISS 2013

My group didn't win. At least Im at my very best :)

I have improve my soft skill a bit. 

13 October 2013

Down in comfort of stranger.

Even Im the only Malay in the group, they are really nice to me. They speak in English to help me understand what they are talking. and sometimes, they also speak Chinese among of them. Its okay for me then. Whatever it is, thanks for accepting me in a group :)

Note : I really have to learn to overcome my weakness.

16 September 2013

PIMPIN Siswa Siri 2 USM 2013/2014 Kem D'risa Impiana

Awesome, happy, terrible experience memory.
Even tho its hard, we still laugh and smile.
Thanks to one of the facilitator capture and made the video.

1st day where we line up and get choose into our platun

Im in platun 9

Set up tent

Santapan rohani

Ice breaking

Night walk in the jungle


until sleep

2nd day

Play a game 

Team work

and they prank us

Walk in the river

Waiting become a zombie

3rd day


And nice to meet you :)

01 September 2013

Sister engagement day

My sister was getting engage with her chosen men. I was in charge to be my own sister photographer during the day. There just too much thing happen and I don't know how to tell.

19 August 2013

Happy Eid 2013

Before Syawal - Many supermarket around the town here begin to close. At night, my Tok house was blackout. Me and my family went out to the Bazar. While other, play fireworks together outside the house.

1 Syawal - We stayed home and have fun each other. 

2 Syawal - Hundred of people came to my Tok house. Then, we go for a while to Umi Mah house. I watch The Conjuring with my big cousin and nephew at the cinema during the night. And Ayah left Tok house by bus to go to work tomorrow. 

3 Syawal - Uncle Ijam and family just came. And the we all went out to many houses. And we have a really nice dinner at Chinese seafood stall

4 Syawal - Ayah Long and family went back to their home.

5 Syawal -





.....blablabla. And so on.

There just too much thing happen and Im lazy to type on this keyboard. HAHA. Sorry, if there a grammar mistake in this post. Im improving myself.

The end :)

16 July 2013

Upu Result

I got just 3.58 for matriculation and I got Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) for Electric & Electronic Engineering course. It is one of my choice list. I like that course too. The question is, I never thought my mom going to put UMS as the choice. UMS was too far away from my hometown. It  is quite scary and danger for a girl like me to survive alone without any relative over there. Plus, the cost over there will be too expensive. So, I believe my mom never dare to put UMS as the one of the choices. The early problem is, there was a systematic error. Well, its okay, I learn my lesson about counting on someone. I'm not going to be mad or blame anyone either. I'm not going to decide anything yet. Thanks to Allah, because I'm still have a back up plan :)

I do searching about UMS for a day and night without sleep. I already see the place on You Tube too. What I can tell you is, UMS was a massive place to study. The temperature over there was a bit low than Semenanjung Malaysia. The food over there was expensive. There will be blackout and no water certain of the time. Some of hostel room will be shared 4 people per room or 2 people per room. Its depend on your luck. Hey, its a uni life. It is normal to face a little hardship. 

(moral : I must growing up. I must count on myself)

13 May 2013

Damn you

Hey, I just found something. It just a fact. And it prove everything. More than everything I guess. and it jump into a conclusion. Dude, how could you make fool of me. Dont you feel bad ha? My heart really really damn broke, and smashed into tiny little pieces. In my whole life, I never cried for a dude. but the tears just drop. When I realize, I just laugh like an idiot :(
(congratulation. you are the first one. HAHA.)

Enough. Dont be that fool. Stop it! So damn poor Wana. But its okay. I will pretend to be alright all the time.
"If you really love someone, you must set them free". 

Well how the thing goes on lately, Wana? I just finish my one year Matriculation program. Trust me, everything will be alright. Life must goes on. Just keep on going.

(moral: trust no humans)

18 February 2013

Who is 'M'! Who is 'M'!

Here, we played a game which the player must search for the 'M' to get the bonus mark. There are real 'M' and fake 'M'. Its depend on them to identify who the real 'M' is. All boys, girls, Malay, Chinese, Indian start to chase after you and says "Who is 'M'! Who is 'M'!". The mysterious 'M' will give you a special respond to give a hint that she is the 'M'.

Well, let me tell you Im the real 'M' and they found me. Haha. And the moment goes was really awesome :)
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