13 May 2013

Damn you

Hey, I just found something. It just a fact. And it prove everything. More than everything I guess. and it jump into a conclusion. Dude, how could you make fool of me. Dont you feel bad ha? My heart really really damn broke, and smashed into tiny little pieces. In my whole life, I never cried for a dude. but the tears just drop. When I realize, I just laugh like an idiot :(
(congratulation. you are the first one. HAHA.)

Enough. Dont be that fool. Stop it! So damn poor Wana. But its okay. I will pretend to be alright all the time.
"If you really love someone, you must set them free". 

Well how the thing goes on lately, Wana? I just finish my one year Matriculation program. Trust me, everything will be alright. Life must goes on. Just keep on going.

(moral: trust no humans)
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