23 August 2015


Dear Wana,

Happy Birthday.

Wish you all the best and good luck in your life journey. Be healthy. Be kind. Be your own best friend. Be your own man. So that you can live without a man. Love yourself unconditionally. Please stick with your healthy habit ritual. Work hard. Put love on whatever you do. I want to see how far you can go.

Sincerely, Wana.

11 August 2015


It was holy Hari Raya. As always, I appear myself simple with a black shawl and purple baju kurung. My shawl didn't shape properly, but whatever... Hehe. Normally Kakyong would fix it for me and tell me what cloth to wear during Raya. But this time is different, Kakyong was not here, she was with her husband's parents house. During the first day of Raya, surprisingly, many of our families wearing the theme purple color. Plenty of them wearing gray and pink or red which also match with purple color. Ayah Long, Ayah Ngah, Umi Cha, Uncle Adi, and Umi Shida were here on 1st Syawal. Umi Cha and her family were came from USA. Kakyong and Hanafi immediately appear the moment of the family photo session. Ayah Ngah and Umi Shida with their family was not in the photo because they appear later after the photo session. At night, we went to the Umi Mah house. Some of our cousins and nephew wouldn't be able to join us because of working or being someone's wife.

All the daddy's girl.

On 2nd Syawal, is an open house to all our family member. I can see we all are growing up or getting older. Its good to see when everybody took turns washing dishes, either male or female. We also will make sure everything looks neat and clean. The last but not least of the day, all the big female cousin took a photo together. Uncle Ijam and family was here today. Auntie Aida and my little cousin named Auni asked why she hasn't seen me in a very long time. I just told them I was in USM during the school holiday.

On 3rd Syawal, we celebrate Athirah's birthday one day early since many of child age cousin and nephew was here. We gather together at Kota Tinggi KFC with Secret Recipe Cake. Then we have a walk in the garden. Meanwhile, my course mate, Nurin text me. She invited me to her house.

On 4rd Syawal, me and my family on the way to home. On 5th Syawal, we went to USM to settle something issue. On 6th Syawal, we went to Mak Ngah's house.

On 9th Syawal, Kakyong and Hanafi were here. So, 'us' as a sibling went to Mak Ngah's house in Kamunting and then we went to Tok Chick's and Mak Ngah Puzi's house in Batu Kurau. Amalina, my Convent school mate, text me to invite me to come to her house whenever I'm free. She told me she missed me :)

On 16th Syawal, it was my second cousin Dr Fairuz wedding day in Batu Kurau at Dewan. I'm going there with Umi and Athirah. We met my father's relative. It's been a while we haven't met. Im chatting with Pak Long about educational stuff and etc. While that, Umi watching me from far and snap a picture of me talking with Pak Long. It was the first time I'm chatting with him, like an adult.

On 17th Syawal, we went to  Cikgu Baini's open house. After that, I went to The Store to buy some carrot and met with Jevitra Devi, my Convent school mate. She is working there as a cashier.

On 18th Syawal, good news, my exam result maintains, Alhamdulillah :) but unfortunately, I want A+. Yelah, Wana. Takboleh janji. Insyallah, Wana. Untuk Umi Ayah :)

-Receive duit raya, 
-Some people thought I was high school kid. Am I look so young? Hehe. 
-Some other people thought I was in medical course. Just like what I have planned when I was younger.)
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