17 December 2012


Just take a few second.... 
Watch everyone disappear
and I was smile like this for days.
Wana sayang, jangan nangis dah.
Allah kan ada.

14 May 2012

truth be told

it was really awkward when my crush text me and told me that he really likes me. REALLY? so do i. omg, i had my crush on :) Hell yeah, on who?

but daamn with a double 'a'. im so sleepy by that fucking late night time and i dont know wtf im texting back to him. i thought it just gonna be a dream. then, i wake up and read the last send message. soooo daamn daamn reckless, i send 3 message by that time. there just a few makeup fact mistake. (the truth, there was no guy i reject because there was no guy anyway *except my ex.) well, im an anti social person for some reason. who the fuck will fall in love with me, rite?

Okay, i guess that enough. forget about it. just wait and see. i got better stuff to do. im not going to express feeling more. it just really daamn hard word to say and it soo daamn fucking embarrass me. KBYE :)

10 May 2012

long last with no update

A lot of thing happen. i mean since im gone. it is just so.. em.. never mine.. I don't used re-reading my last chapter of life to start the new one. So, dont fuckin' think im gonna write a post about it. YOLO. Lets just move on.

14 April 2012


Run away in shock and pain out of nowhere..
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