16 July 2016


After, doing some light nozzle cleaning, I really excited to join the JUKI maintenance part. While cleaning the Juki's nozzle, my vision become blurred, my head spinning. I lean down for a while to find my vision back. I stand up and my vision become blurred once more. I came to Kak Su to tell how I felt. She has required me to sit beside for a while. My stomach starts hurting, I can't stand it. Kak Su help support me to the chair at the nozzle cleaning side. While that she asks if someone has a sweet by saying "Hey, ada gula-gula tak? Sapa ada gula-gula?". It was so damn embarrassing moment. I tip down my head on the table, this apoplexy moment was so damn painful than I used to experience before. I attempt to stand up to search for Kak Mas. She wasn't there in the office. The pain become so much stiffer. I sit back, open my ESD jackets, lean my head downwards on the table. Mr Tay asked me why. I asked Kak Mai to get me some water. My whole body become wet of sweat. Kak Mas came, she support me to the sick room because I can't balance myself to walk. I feel so weak now. My blood pressure getting so low. Damn you Wana, how are you going to work like a man if you keep falling sick like this. It was so damn damn embarrassing moment.
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