26 February 2016


One fine day, two person meet.
She is Muslim, he is Buddhism. 
She respects his believe, he respects her believe.
She loves her parent, he loves his parent too.
They think can't endure the change.
They can't abandon their faith. 
Both have to accept that they can't go any further other than just be a good friend.
They move on.
Looking forward.
Continue their life journey to becoming an adult.
 Do the best they can in what they are currently doing,
and put a love on it.
They wanted to be success.
Not to be a winner.
They just don't want to lose.
Good luck to both of them.
The End.

-Mysterios unknown

14 February 2016

A journey called love

Just a short and quick post. Not grammatical. 

View from top of Jabal Nur
Day 1 - 7 hours flight from KLIA to Abu Dhabi and then transit.

Day 2 - 5 hours flight to Madinah. Load our bag, taking bus to hotel, unload bag, rush to subuh prayer at Masjid Nabawi. The weather here is so cold. Breakfast, lunch at hotel, fall asleep. Pray Zohor and Asar in Hotel. Pray Magrib and Isyak at Masjid Nabawi. Dinner at hotel.

Day 3 - Wake up early. Subuh at Masjid Nabawi, breakfast at hotel. Take a walk around Masjid Nabawi with family. Zohor at Masjid Nabawi. Asar, Magrib, Isyak at Masjid Nabawi. Entering Raudah first time with aunty aida.

Day 4 - Wake up early 3 am. Iktikaf at Masjid Nabawi. Subuh. Back to hotel for breakfast. Come out and went to Masjid again. Get free food. Entering Raudah again with Umi, Tok and Aunty Aida. Came out from Raudah. Eat the free food.

Day 5 - Subuh at Masjid Nabawi. Back to hotel and have breakfast. Went to Masjid Quba and pray, Jabal-Uhu, Masjid Dua Kiblat, Medan Perang Khandak and Pasar Tamar.

Day 6 - Subuh at Masjid. Back to hotel and quickly pack out bag. Breakfast at hotel. Went to Raudah again with Kakyong and Aunty Aida. Zohor at Masjid Nabawi. Lunch at hotel. Getting ourself ready to Macca. Went to Macca. Unload bag at hotel. Went to Masjidil Haram and done our first Umrah.

Day 7 - Free activity. Magrib at Masjid. Pray outside. Raining in Macca. Lost my sejadah in crowd of people that was in rush. Crying in rain because I've been using that sejadah since I was fifteen. Back to hotel. Take bath, wash cloth. Dinner, pray isyak. Went down at lobi waiting to climb Jabal Nur (Gua Hira').

Day 8 - Went ziarah for miqat. Climb Jabal Rahmah. Went down. Suddenly, my mum spot that my body temperature had rise and she didn't allow me to do Umrah this time because she worried if I could not make it. I though Im fine, I can hold it.

Day 9 - Climb Jabal Thur. Doing Umrah sunat. Pray at hijri ismail. Entering crowd of people. Not feeling well when Magrib. Went back to hotel.

Day 10 - Went to ladang unta and muzium kaabah. Then continue Umrah sunat.

Day 11 - Free activity.

Day 12 - Not went to Umrah midnight. Actually, I was awake to get ready but everybody was sleeping.

Day 13 - Free activity.

Day 14 - Saying goodbye, tawaf widaq. Went to Masjid Terapung at Laut Merah. Went to Jedah airport. 4 hours flight. Transit at Abu Dhabi. 7 hours flight to KLIA. Taking bus to Masjid. Went to Aunty Aida's mum house. Fall sick again. Went to clinic nearby. Night at Aunty Aida's house.

Day 15 and so on - Taiping. We are not going to any dobi to settle our family's laundry. So, I have to help to settle it the best I can. Hehe.

~out folding cloth
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