24 November 2011

All of sudden, she dead :(

They all went out when I reached home. I've been waiting for m##, to guide me on physic test for tomorrow. All of a sudden, late in evening. There's a ring on telephone. Bibik answered it. Ahmad started crying. I was in my room wondering why? And where had they been in this late hour? I'm feeling fright to know. They bringing a bad news, that she was dead. How could the hospital send her away. It must be a curse. This is fate. Just walk home, to hope and pray. I wish I could see her after SPM. But I just meet her dead body yesterday, sitting beside her and reading Yasin with my brother. I miss her dearly, this I do. They started blaming each other, fighting about money and etc. Family crisis still goes on. If today is so bad, tomorrow will be worse. I don’t know what I did to face the war tomorrow.

But still, it’s hard to believe its true.
(*just trying to be happy and strong.)

~out, SPM
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