16 September 2013

PIMPIN Siswa Siri 2 USM 2013/2014 Kem D'risa Impiana

Awesome, happy, terrible experience memory.
Even tho its hard, we still laugh and smile.
Thanks to one of the facilitator capture and made the video.

1st day where we line up and get choose into our platun

Im in platun 9

Set up tent

Santapan rohani

Ice breaking

Night walk in the jungle


until sleep

2nd day

Play a game 

Team work

and they prank us

Walk in the river

Waiting become a zombie

3rd day


And nice to meet you :)

01 September 2013

Sister engagement day

My sister was getting engage with her chosen men. I was in charge to be my own sister photographer during the day. There just too much thing happen and I don't know how to tell.
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