14 May 2012

truth be told

it was really awkward when my crush text me and told me that he really likes me. REALLY? so do i. omg, i had my crush on :) Hell yeah, on who?

but daamn with a double 'a'. im so sleepy by that fucking late night time and i dont know wtf im texting back to him. i thought it just gonna be a dream. then, i wake up and read the last send message. soooo daamn daamn reckless, i send 3 message by that time. there just a few makeup fact mistake. (the truth, there was no guy i reject because there was no guy anyway *except my ex.) well, im an anti social person for some reason. who the fuck will fall in love with me, rite?

Okay, i guess that enough. forget about it. just wait and see. i got better stuff to do. im not going to express feeling more. it just really daamn hard word to say and it soo daamn fucking embarrass me. KBYE :)

10 May 2012

long last with no update

A lot of thing happen. i mean since im gone. it is just so.. em.. never mine.. I don't used re-reading my last chapter of life to start the new one. So, dont fuckin' think im gonna write a post about it. YOLO. Lets just move on.
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