05 August 2009

going down in this hell

The girl who want to run away from school that seen like a hell to her. She forced to live in the world that does not undestand her. She hate her school. The place where people alway make her down. Her dream was crushed, her heart was broken. In the middle of it she could only think one think. The think is to reply her revenge. Although,it is powerful until it can destroy you into dust. She will carry this fate to move on her way until she get the bright star and watch you die.

3K5 only god know how much I hate to be in this class. Tell me why should they care? How can I make they ignore me. Aku tak perlukan perhatian macam ni. They are the worst class mate I ever had. Why it dose not enough to take me down? They got me lost confident to face my friend in school. Aku sangat lemah bila orang gelakkan aku sejak aku hilang semua kawan sejak tahun lepas. kejadian itu di tmpt kan di satu cafe. aku tengah buat bodo bersama budak 18 tahun ke atas. dia org knl aku sbg biela 18 taon. waktu itu aku sedang mengadakan misi lari rumah tapi tak berjaya atas serbuan yang mak aku buat. Only god know how much shy you make me feel in front public eyes. how could you mother. Siapa terlibat? Err.. err.. Until then, my population had go down. The word that I still remember from one of my friend is "Aku tak nak kwn dengan kwn yang suka menyusahkan org !!"

ok! fine ! pegilah mampos!
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