31 August 2016

Time with Atok

Well, look at that pale face. She must been through so many things. I don't know how to say. But I'm here to undergoing my internship and while that I've been spending time with her. I'm wondering how am I when I'm older? Hmm..

It is 30th August. The day I make an early end of my internship. I do feel sad to make the end first. Leaving all these memories. At night, Atok wants me to eat satay with her. On 31st August, I went to Tadika Kemas for merdeka event. My dad can't pick me up from Johor because he is busy at the moment. So, I told my mom I want to drive my own from Johor to Uncle Ijam's house and she agreed. Yey!!

On 1 September, since I already quit my job (Intern) I take this opportunity with Atok to visit a sick family member in Johor. She has cancer. And I was driving around Johor Bahru to settle some issue too. I manage to arrive back to Atok's house before Asar. After that, we quickly went to car workshop to service Ayah's baby car. Hehe. On Friday morning, me and Atok on the way to Uncle Ijam's house and safely arrived at the destination in the evening. Alhamdullilah :)

Service Ayah's baby car

Atok was here in Taiping in 2 weeks. I randomly find time to went back home just to see her even though I'm busy. I just missed her. I don't know why. Hehe.

~out. busy

30 August 2016


To make the long story short, 
I am one of the lads. 
There are just to much things happen. 
The truth is I am damn scared to face all these male and foreigners but I pretend to be tough.
Day by day, I suited myself with the surrounding and learn how to be socialize with different gender.
I do learn a lot of things.
I need to learn more things.
I'm still dumb and stupid in so many things. 

03 August 2016


Male group photo with Atok
Female group photo with Atok
I applied holiday with my workmate, on Monday which is two day before raya. Theme for this turquoise. I wear a songket baju kurung with black shawl from Turky. Kakyong who gave me that shawl for free. In the morning, I went to the mosque for sunat aidil fitri prayer. After prayer was done, it start raining heavily and we waited for Ayah, Hanafi, Ahmad and Nabil in the car park. After that, we went home and helped what we have to help. Its only the 1st day of hari raya and the house already full of guest of family members. Mak Nani and her family was here too. We begin our photo session very late. At that time, some of our family member was not available.

2nd Syawal - Kakyong and Hanafi were ready to leave to went to Hanafi's parent house. Before Kakyong leave, we took photo together and Kakyong says, "Nana lulus jadi model tudung Kakyong". Haha. I don't know what she really means. I guess she probably must be joking rite? Yeah. Atok's house today was still full of guest of family members. We didn't even have a chance went out to other people's house. But, I manage to went out for a while to Umi Mah's house in the evening.

3rd Syawal - I forget what happen. Haha.

4rd Syawal -

5th Syawal - Driving around JB with Tok Uda and Atok. Went to wedding invitation.

6th Syawal - Fasting

7th Syawal - Fasting

8th Syawal - Faint at workplace.

9th Syawal - Took MC for work.

10th Syawal - Went to Tok Abang's house and

11th Syawal -

12th Syawal -

13th Syawal -

14th Syawal - Followed Atok to marhaban. Feel terribly tired. I don't have appetite to eat. I just want to sleep.

15th Syawal - Marhaban.

16th Syawal -

17th Syawal -

18th Syawal - Fasting.

19th Syawal - Went to water fall with Uncle Syafiq, Umi Cha and Mariam.

20th Syawal - Fasting.

21th Syawal - Fasting. Went Marhaban for the last time.

22th Syawal -

23th Syawal - Fasting.

24th Syawal - Went to ratib atas with Umi Mah, Uncle Ijam, Danial and Atok. Umi Mah made kuih for that ceremony and we helped out. When reach at the destination, it already magrib time and we prayed magrib in the house. While waiting for isyak time, we read husnul khatimah.

25th Syawal - Went to JB for wedding invitation with Atok, Uncle Ijam, Umi Mah and Danial. Then, we went to Uncle Net's house.

26th Syawal -

27th Syawal - Fasting.

28th Syawal -

29th Syawal -

30th Syawal - Marhaban beside atok's house.

Money collect:
Raya - RM352
Marhaban - RM46
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