07 January 2010

go back to hell yeah !!

Since my struggle end i have never land my foot step in this hell. I wish I could run away from this hell and find another good hell. With god bless I fell stronger when I face a lot of trouble. Like what my father said Im always the black sheep in this family who always find my self in trouble.

List of issue :-

1st - take my struggle result with baju kurung.
2nd - eh wan mana menghilang
3rd - budak sain mesti jadi budak nerd
4rd - wah wan baca buku tentang keagamaan
5th - wan suke lari bila duty
6th - chemistry ! chemistry !
7th - hoi hoi wan lah. lame tak nampak igat dah mati

hey bitch ! i dont care !
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