13 August 2010

you cast these scars

I knew I could trust you back when we were kids. You sold me out, ran and hid from all your problems. I cant even face your friends even your best friends. When you are holding something in tonight I can tell that you are not alright. Your poker face concealing with all the cards that you are not dealing with your cross arms and avert your eyes. You are like a child that ashamed to cry the words inside your head. I find out that you wish you said that. I know I let you down so many times but I cant ever tell you this because there is no forgiving it for me. You promised me to always be there but that could not be less true. It is the worst thing you could do. Im gonna bet it all on black and when its gone you will want it back. Cause truth will mix with the reason and cheating that ultimate reason and I could see through you like glass. This is my loss with your gain. Do you love to play this way? I’ll cross your face

08 August 2010

dia memang bodoh

I had closed the door upon my heart and wouldn't let anyone in. I had trusted and loved only to be hurt. I wish that it would never happen again. I had locked the door and tossed the key as hard and as far as I could. Wish that love would never enter there again. My heart was closed for good. Then you came into my life and made me change my mind. Just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find. Why I chose you? Because you are school boy and also same age like mine. It seen like you innocent and not a player. Its not easy for me to give you enter again the door. But you never appreciate it.

Damn, why Im so badly trust everything you promise me. You lie. Please stop playing with you own word if you dont mean it. I knew Im wrong for make you touched only by my little spoke. You prove me that I was wrong. I admit my mistake. And the worst is there was no answer from you to forgive me. I know what you want from me. So sorry. Im sorry. Sorry if I never hold you and kiss you lips. Im clean. I beg you dont leave but you hate me. Okay bye.
(*bangang la. aku baru nak feeling. kecawa gila. emm, kecewa tu apa? haha)

Laki pon kuat merajok. Tolonglah jangan merajok2 dgn aku cuma pasal benda kecik. Aku nak pujok jual mahal sangat. Fedap suda. So long sucker!! Aku tak desperate sangat nak kat hang.
(*dia mmg bodo. dulu trgedik2 sgt.)

So, what can I say. How can I change the day like before even I cant change your own perception. Fyi, I hate the way you treat me. But thanks for make me happy with your annoying jokes and your funny word. May Allah bless you. This is the end. I already try my best. You're not giving another chance. You dont need me. So do I. You are surrender. You are the failer. Not me. Goodbye means forever.

(Moral of the story : Dont worry be HAPPY.)

05 August 2010

gejala usik mengusik

I had almost face this situation all the time in school. At first I thought they hate me and love to see im down. But the truth they just wana had fun between us to share every moment. Im too quiet when they try to cheer me up. This is the reason why i had no best friend until now.

So, now onward I didnt have to feel any inferior. be strong to fight back all their funny word. Dont worry be happy. Just dont forget to play your own character

By the way thanks a lot to Pn Ong Siew Moi. Can I hug you like a bear? I love you so much. You the reason why I still stay in this school.
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