18 April 2010

All The Lies

What the hell are you waiting for? It's all for you or it's all for nothing. All for hoping that you'd give it a chance. What the hell am I waiting for? To be out of time or be out of context. Pleasantly complex. And were giving up on getting guilt out of our way.

Ok fine!! I will never trust you fake sister. She promise me to cobber me to that event that I always want to attend but I cant make it. When she come back but she never will with this promise.

Now I know that all she said in last letter was all lie. She just want make sure Im okay before I sit on PMR exam. But after PMR dosnt' she care? No.. In two days she come back, we were fight through our tongue. I just shut up and never want to talk fight with her again. I am surrender and let she talk more. I run out from the room and hug Abel. My tears drop on Abel. OMG!! Am I crying? I quickly warp my eyes to make sure no one know Im crying. I never know I have a feeling.

Beware : Never trust all what the humans say because all of them are lie.

11 April 2010

a girl make my money burst !!

I was hanging out with Sherry around 12.30 noon. I spend along offday Sunday with her while my money waste for her lunch at KFC. Its okay dear. Its okay along you are the light in my life to tell me that Im not alone and I have a friend. I told my self to never regret from this moment event my money waste. Lets make more mistake and learn. Another waste is I just follow Sherry desirous to buy a starbuck coffee. She dont want us to share. Okay fine!! Why so stupid im doing this? I dont need this junk drink!!

I am away to have a hair cut while Sherry meet her two chinese friend. I not make any hair change. Only a little trim cut to make it little bit short.

Time run faster than I thought and damn I was late. Arriving late earns me the sexual relationship between sexes. WTF? Ayah scold me because Im late going home. Again? Oh no!! Not again. He ask me to go home and never come to visit my grandmother this time. Its okay. I dont care what....
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