22 February 2014

Lost experience with Hani and Hwong

At first we decided to go to Sunway Carnival Mall. Hani was driving her car, Hwong was sitting beside Hani infront while Im just sitting at the back seat. Hwong was using her iphone by opening the google maps to guide Hani to the destination we plan. All of sudden, the google maps navigation was navigate the wrong direction. We get confuse when there was the road which is overlaps road. By turning to the wrong direction, we past by UiTM and Politeknik. When Hani lost her sens of direction, she chose to stop near by Char Kuey Tiow stall and ask me to call Musyahadah to ask for the direction help. Hani ask Musyahadah to came over but Musyahadah cant make it because she was at her grandmother's house.

Then, we turn our way to just go to Aeon in Butterworth and having a lunch in KRR. Before that, while Hani was park her car in the ground level, she was suddenly scratch one expensive car when she reverse her car.

Im choosing the most cheap meal that was cost RM9.50 and the most cheap drink that was cost RM6.50. So, about the drink, it was just an ordinary Lipton Green Tea with self added sugar. In my opinion, my drink price was not reasonable. After lunch, we searching for power bank since Hwong iphone was running out of battery. Then, we have a walk around and buy things too.
Its about 6.00pm when we decide to heading back to campus. Hwong had already finish uploading her iphone with Waze application. Yet again, we lost our sense of direction when the application suddenly lost navigate our current position. After turn around and around a few times, we went to Penang Island and turn around back again. Its getting dark, suddenly, we reach in front Sunway Carnival Mall. Hani stop by the car, and we laugh because this was the first we actually want to went.

Hwong ask me to switch place with her beside the driver seat because she was not so familiar on using the Waze application. After that, when I guide Hani by this Waze GPS, ALHAMDILILLAH. We reach our USM Engineering Campus :)

*maybe there are bunch of grammar mistakes. forgive me :)
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