31 March 2015

Kakyong and Hanafi, Nuar and Erina, wedding.

Can you spot my nose?

So, I've been asked to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor. I am a sister to the bride, so being a good bridesmaid should be easy. At that moment, I don't really know what's expected of me. I just get dressed, chin up, walk confidently and smile. I don't know where the confidence come from but I guess that was the best of me.

During this time, Kakyong and Hanafi in pink while Nuar and Erina in blue. The two brides drove themselves to the Chinese hall location from Atok's house. When the male bride wants to enter the hall, he begins arresting by others bridesmaid. He must give some money to the bridesmaid in order to get entered. Beside that, we also have fun with some activities' that being held. Last but no lest of the day, we dance poco-poco all together.

That was for Kakyong's side of the family. For Hanafi's side of family, I was being the bridesmaid or maid of honor too. The ceremony goes differently from Kakyong's side of family. When the bridal entourage arrive, we were greeted with drums beating. Then, they perform us Silat to celebrate the ceremony.

Before our family leave, Umi Mah says "Nana makin hari makin cantik, jangan kahwin 5-6 tahun lagi okay?". Then she hug and kiss me goodbye.
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