17 January 2016

How's it going to be

At guest house.
In this semester, I didn't receive any offer of accommodation at any hostel. Thus, I bear to search any house nearby for rent. At first, Intan my ex-housemate at Desasiswa Utama advertise on Facebook to search for a roommate. So, I offer myself to join her. I already made a payment to her and though my accommodation issue was ease. But unfortunately, when I ready to leave my house and be prepared for my new semester, she told me that an owner of the house tell her that the house was already reserved. We panic and decided plan B, plan C or plan D as an alternative backup plan. Me and Nurin plan is to rent a guest house in Desasiwa Utama one week and share the cost of rent RM50 per night. While that, we have to keep on searching for the rent house.

Some view at the rental house.
My father was in the jungle, doing his work and soon he has to be outstation. He demands for assistance from Prof Dato M###### whether he can facilitate us to find any accommodation in my University. I already practiced what my father ordered me to make out, but the petition won't work, we fail. After a while, we keep on searching for the house, Nurin's father found the new built two level grey houses nearby. It is located in Taman Ilmu. The rental cost is RM600 for less than 6 people. If more than 6 people the cost will be RM100 per person. The new house were very nice. There were 4 bedroom and 5 attach bathroom. The mansion is still new since there are merely a few neighbours around and the home was still dusty.

Favorite activity during spare time.

First day of the semester, I didn't have my car with me. Thusly, I car pool with Nurin's car to class. On the second day, I borrowed Hanafi's car (manual car) to class until Saturday, which is the first night I sleep in the new rental house. Hanafi help switched with Ayah's car (manual car) for me to use. I ended up using Ayah’s baby car until the end of the semester because we have an extra car. 

Missed that orange car. The best hardship memory, last time.
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