21 October 2013


Im at my BEST :) I feel like I want to cry if my PCB didn't work. HEHE. Thanks to the facilitator who willing to help me. Thanks for helping me correcting my design. Thanks for sharing me some detail about the eagle software. Thanks for correcting my short circuit. Thanks for show me how to handle all the work. Thanks for your patient to guide me and nice to meet you :)

TWISS 2013

My group didn't win. At least Im at my very best :)

I have improve my soft skill a bit. 

13 October 2013

Down in comfort of stranger.

Even Im the only Malay in the group, they are really nice to me. They speak in English to help me understand what they are talking. and sometimes, they also speak Chinese among of them. Its okay for me then. Whatever it is, thanks for accepting me in a group :)

Note : I really have to learn to overcome my weakness.
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