03 December 2016

Remind myself of me

Hi there.

I'm home.
Following my father to our old house.
My brother showed me this video.
I know its kinda lame to post about it. Haha. But.
Its remind me of me.
Remind myself why I've been gone.
Remind myself why I ended up having no friend.
Remind me of my miserable childhood.
Remind me of my hair. :p
Yeah, I missed my hair.
But I still have the same hair right now. :p

Well, that's an old story.
I'm a young adult now.
22 years old.
Things are getting better.
I promise.
Just keep on walking,
and never look back.

Did you know?
I've made my online appearance because I wanted to sell things.
I guess I'll stop now.
Before this, I'm an offline person.
I remember the sweetness of being offline person.
I will continue to be offline person in 14 days until my final exam ends.
14 days left to study week.

~out busy.

02 December 2016

Accidentally hit a monkey.

Today, I woke up, read analog notes, clean up the mess, and pack my back to go home. I wanted to meet Kak Miza to ask some question about analog. Before that, I went to Cafe Lembaran to help Kak Miza brought her lunch. After that, I went to my rental house to get my Pos Laju receipt. I'm on my way to Pos Laju Nibong Tebal guided by Waze application because I never went there. While I'm on my way, there's a monkey playing beside the highway. The road was totally cleared from any vehicle at that time. I never thought one of the monkey would jump across the road immediately by the time my car passed by. BOOM!! The sound of the blood splashed. I hit the monkey. The monkey was dead. I looked at reverse mirror. I'm terrified and feels bad at myself. There's nowhere I could stop my car to have a look because there's lots of cars behind me. In fact, I'm afraid of monkeys too. I'm afraid if the troop of monkeys would attack me because I killed their friend. Oh my. I'm a killer. Am I a sinner? :'(

RIP. I'm so sorry monkey :'(

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