22 December 2010

black sheep again

Oh my its good to touch you back, dear keyboard. I miss you so much. Touching your countless, uh buttons yea buttons makes me hard on. Your figure is way better than beyonce's (*oh that pig is fat,admit it farkers). Okay stop playing. Lets start to get off topic and weird. It is black sheep. Oh no! Not again.

Well, one idiot who obviously dumb and dumb arrive back home. My privacy space had been hack (*sorry to say that). Since then, the worst happen. What wrong with these people? Why they keep scolding me all the time even not my mistake. I feel so lack of love. Oh yess, I almost forget. Im useless and un wanted on this earth right? and I am born just to be scold with no reason.

Its okay.
They can say what ever they want to say but I herd nothing. I silenced trying to figure a reason. I couldn't care much about it. It is just piece of garbage anyway. Just admit it. I keep my mouth shot to clam me down with doing innocent face. Oh yes!! Thank godness. They give up to talk more. hahahaha. Good job. Now, fighting over is some outdated fugly dance (*is just pure dumbass). I was to lazy to fight back.

(p/s : It turn out, my bad luck isnt ending.)

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