01 May 2011

Pesta Ria TMGS

Imagine 45 minutes lining up along the corridor just to enter the hunted house. Trust me, these thing can easily sucked up the 'i am handsome' confidence straight out of you. There are some people who incharge treat people like a bullshit. The customer was being scolded from getting too crowded along the entrance. They just wont give your money back once touch the entrance paper even you didn't enter yet. Hellllooo. it just a small piece of paper that value for nothing. These people must been forgot about the 'customer always rite' rite? 

The hunted house was great. I'm the back person in the line. It seriously shock me when the gost keep scaring me from my back, and it involuntary action me to just scream like hell. It embracing me then when I just realize that I was hug Rita from her back along the way. When it just comes to exit, I just think that 'uh? why I hug her? what an earth am I doing?'. Then, I quickly put my hand off from her. Lucikly, no one saw that. hihi:p

This is the day that I saw a lot of my old buddies. I feel composed of each remembered name. But I am here just pretending not to know them. Time changes and they know damn as well. I dont even think they remember me since I slip away. But just face it. The worse nightmare was over. *sedar ape yang aku dapat bila dah hilang :(

Anyway, tenggs for today. Today was great coz I was enjoying the bites even it been for a while moment with two of her. 
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