19 March 2011

they are still they

Still searching for Totis? Yeah, they still searching for me. Actually I want to avoid myself from facing them forever. Can't forget my worst nightmare until today. Its been a year I din't have any connection with them. There's one situation that they beg me to come along with them to complete the last moment. Without me, they can't complete with 4 of us even she remind me that I'm not the same.

I have no idea how am I suppose to reach there. I'm home alone right now and nobody can help me catch there. After a short think, she give me a hint with a taxi phone number. She suggest me to take a cab. And that's a good idea. 

This may be our first or last chapter to meet us all together. They still the same. There's no regret inside them. They cant change me to be like them like I used to be. I'm already change into a kind stuff. Thank god for save me from the dark by showing me the right path to go. *Its okay I'll keep their DIRTY SECRET.

The part of our today is one of us are awesome! She bet a pool game with a dick and she won the game. Then, we also play snooker until we are surrender to play. After that, one of the best part is we scream together in a box until the session end. *sorry, no hardcore for you girls.

Time past by like lightning. Its time to leave. I made the end here first. A hug make me feel better to know that we have to leave. Maybe until forever T_T 

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