29 May 2015


Analog mini project
I am new in this whole thing. This is the first time someone was depending on me to do project. Every day, I sleep and wake up at the same time. The first thing that came across my mind was about this project. I'm worried if I'm unable to make the project happen. I'm worried if I fail in this project. I do enjoy myself doing research about this project. I do enjoy sacrifice my time and money for this project. I attempt this alone. In a countless times. In a countless hour. I already try the best I can. Meanwhile, my target for this semester maybe will be gone because there was a weaknesses in this project. Lack of team work happens. Anyway, I'm fine doing this alone. Really. Because I'm enjoying it. Let's just forgive and forget :) Because everybody has their own weaknesses. Rite? So do I.

Microprocessor and Micro-controller mini project
It's been a nightmare. Only Allah knows what actually happen behind the scene. I have to face a lot of hardship. But it was fun. I am enjoying it :) I'm fine. Really. But... The truth is, I was dying and scared to face each day. I forced myself not to give up. Maybe this is the easiest part in my life. But I'm fail to face and handle it. I need to be prepared to face the hardest part in my life soon. I am dumb and scared person in many things


11 May 2015

Having Annual Dinner (2nd year)

Still trying to manage my time to come to this event even tho, in my head, I still worried about my project. The reason why I went to this event is just to gain my relationship with my course mate and senior.  This event being held at PUMA hall. I came to this event with Nurin, Farihan and Nurina. I'm wearing simple dark color baju kurung. As always, I didn't capture myself a photo, selfie, or etc. I always let the photo fed away. But meanwhile, Nurin just capture my 1st selfie of the year :)
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