16 July 2013

Upu Result

I got just 3.58 for matriculation and I got Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) for Electric & Electronic Engineering course. It is one of my choice list. I like that course too. The question is, I never thought my mom going to put UMS as the choice. UMS was too far away from my hometown. It  is quite scary and danger for a girl like me to survive alone without any relative over there. Plus, the cost over there will be too expensive. So, I believe my mom never dare to put UMS as the one of the choices. The early problem is, there was a systematic error. Well, its okay, I learn my lesson about counting on someone. I'm not going to be mad or blame anyone either. I'm not going to decide anything yet. Thanks to Allah, because I'm still have a back up plan :)

I do searching about UMS for a day and night without sleep. I already see the place on You Tube too. What I can tell you is, UMS was a massive place to study. The temperature over there was a bit low than Semenanjung Malaysia. The food over there was expensive. There will be blackout and no water certain of the time. Some of hostel room will be shared 4 people per room or 2 people per room. Its depend on your luck. Hey, its a uni life. It is normal to face a little hardship. 

(moral : I must growing up. I must count on myself)

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