10 February 2017

Online Business

I joined an online business through Facebook. I didn't expect that I must sell that product through online. They said that we can make RM1k each month by using our personal Facebook. So, I begin to try out their tips during my semester break. Their tips are you have updated your status at least 3 times per day on your personal Facebook. I posted in one month and there is only 2 customer in my friend list are interested about my product. The rest customer I get is from 'page' and 'buy and sell group'. I guess it was the most embarrassing thing that I ever did because I didn't used to tell about myself everyday in public. I do gained some money tho, and manage to become top seller in the team. Wahh!!

I notice that I begin not to read Quran 9-15 page per day like I used to read every day. My Quran reading is decreased to 2 page per day or not reading Quran at all. When my customer PM me, I skip my Quran reading just to gain more customer. I also begin to left my solat sunat Hajat and Tahajud and only did solat sunat Dhuha everyday. I feel regret with my action during this semester break. My distance with Allah become further, but my distance with humans on Facebook become closer. The good things is I begin to gain more friend and made an engagement with my old friends. The bad things is I begin to distance myself with Allah. So, before it's too late, I decided to stop with that routine.

Yup. I'll STOP
The conclusion is, my ambition is I don't want to be an online business woman. I don't want to self working with unbalance income. There's a lot of dramas in online business. At least I know the art in online business and they (seller) can't lie to me no more. At this moment, I will still sell that product but in slow motion mode. Hehehe.

My ambition is I want to further my studies, experience as engineer and becoming a lecture. And that's final.

~out, fyp

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