05 July 2017

But why?

Nobody knows me I'm cold.
Walk down this road all alone .
It's no one's fault but my own.
It's the path I've chosen to go.
Frozen as snow I show no emotion whatsoever so.
Don't ask me why I have no love. 

I wonder why I care?
I wonder why I couldn't forget?
I wonder why I changed? 
I wonder who you are?
I shouldn't know you.
It's really damn weird. 
It haven't start yet, but you are my biggest mistake.
This fairy tale should end.
The ending is the starting line.
Remember, whoever I need is Allah.
Stay closer to Quran.
Insyaallah, I'll be fine. 

The key was tossed away.
The door closed until my wishes came true.

Allah closes Doors that no Man
can Open and opens Doors that
no Man can Close. May he open
all the Doors you require to live
your life to the full....
Sharing the goodness and love that
is in your heart, will always leave you
When Allah is accepting Duas,may
yours be one of them. When he is
forgiving people, may you be one of
them. When you meet your friends
and family in heaven, may I be one
of them...
Allah is the reason for the joy we share,
the love we give and the hope that fills
our heart with peace. I wish you
Extravagant love and abundant joy...

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